Easy Invoice is available on a monthly subscription rather than an up-front fee. However, you can enter 60 entries into Easy Invoice for FREE in order to try out the app.

There are two apps available, one for iOS and another for macOS. The iOS app runs on any iOS device (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). The Mac app runs on any Mac running macOS.

One subscription covers your use of Easy Invoice on any device, whether Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The following pricing plan is part of our selection for Easy Books, our bookkeeping and accounting app. Easy Books pricing plans range from Bronze to Gold. In keeping with this series, the "Steel" Plan has been designed for Easy Invoice.

About Online Syncing

Our Online Sync service provides:

  • Continuous Online Backup of your accounts.
  • Syncing between devices. If you have more than one device, the service will keep your business accounts in sync on all your Macs, iPhones and iPads.
  • Sharing. You can choose to share your business accounts with your accountant or a business partner.
  • Support. If you need any help, we'll do our best.
  • App Updates. Your subscription will support the ongoing development of the app. Income from subscriptions is used to provide bug fixes, enhancements and OS compatibility updates.

You might find the service useful if:

  • You want to enter sales away from the office.
  • You and a business partner both run Easy Invoice or Easy Books.
  • You have an iPad and an iPhone or Mac.
  • You want to keep your data safely backed up.
  • You want to share your data with your accountant.

£5 /mo Billed yearly
  • Runs on Mac and iOS
  • Online Syncing
  • Basic Support
  • Unlimited Invoices
* All prices per month, billed yearly.