Using the Tax Breakdown Report

Tapping Tax Breakdown in the Other Reports screen displays the report. From this screen, you can

  • View the amount of tax you have charged in your sales.
  • Change the date range of the report.
  • Send the report by email, print it or open it in another app.
What does the report show?

The report shows the tax due on your sales, broken down by each tax account you have defined. For information about viewing and changing your tax accounts, see Business Settings.

How do I view a previous period?

Use the back and forward buttons to change the report dates quickly to the previous or next period.

For details of how to set up EasyInvoice to manage tax, please refer to:

Options in the clock Menu:

Change Start Date

You can set the start date to any date prior to the currently selected end date.

Change End Date

You can set the end date to any date after to the currently selected start date.

Options in the action Menu:

This button is used to send or print the report. It uses the standard Apple sharing panel and allows you to send the report by email or AirDrop, print it to an Airprint-compatible printer or send it to another app such as Dropbox. Three file formats of the report are available.

As shown (HTML)

The HTML format will open in a web browser.

Comma separated (CSV)

The CSV format contains the same information and is more suited to importing into a spreadsheet.

Both (ZIP)

The ZIP format contains both the HTML and CSV files compressed into a single zip file.