Introduction to EasyInvoice

Thanks for downloading EasyInvoice. You're just a few simple steps away from getting started. Before you do, please take a minute to familiarise yourself with what the app can do for you.

What are the main features?
  • Professional Invoicing
  • Create Estimates
  • Create Customer Statements
  • Customer Aged Debt Report
  • Find your Best Sellers
  • PDFs Produced on device

How do I find my way around?

The Menu provides the main navigation into different features of the app. On the iPhone you'll see this screen as soon as you've created your first business. The menu is shown on the left side on the iPad when viewed in landscape, and is available by tapping the Menu button in the top left of the screen when in portrait.

How is EasyInvoice priced?

EasyInvoice is available on a monthly subscription rather than an up-front fee. However, you can enter 60 entries into EasyInvoice for FREE in order to try out the app.

The app creates professional invoices locally on the device without the need for a network connection and you can create as many invoices as you like with the Steel Plan. The plan includes use of our Online Sync service, and if you use EasyInvoice on more than one device you'll find it really useful. You might also find the service useful if your bookkeeper or accountant use EasyBooks. Using the sync service, you can enter all your sales while they handle your bookkeeping.

Our service will make sure you never forget to backup your important financial data! Over the time we have been selling EasyInvoice, we've been surprised at how many people have contacted us to say they have replaced their device and have lost their data because they have not made a backup. The app features a very easy backup and restore system, which can be used to make a backup copy of your businesses. However, you need to do this manually and it's easy to put it off, or forget completely until it's too late.

By registering, you can choose to keep a copy of your EasyInvoice data online. Once you have turned on syncing for your business, EasyInvoice sends each change you make, as you make it. This happens silently in the background and does not interfere with what you're doing.

As well as providing backup, the system also allows you to keep multiple devices (iPhones, iPads and Mac) in sync. Each change you make is tracked by the system and sent to your other devices.

You can try the service out for two weeks for free, just register for an account at You can purchase the service direct from the Online Syncing screen.