Listing Sales and Payments

Tapping a customer in the Invoices screen lists all sales and payments related to the customer; that is all sales to the customer, all payments the customer has made, and all credits you have given the customer.

  • To enter a new sale, tap Add a new sale.
  • To edit or carry out an action for an existing transaction, simply tap the transaction.
  • To enter a payment received from your customer, tap the sale it relates to first, then scroll to Payments Received and tap Receive Payment....
Searching and filtering

To search for a sale or payment, tap the search at the top of the screen. You can filter the list by:

  • Sales. Only sales and credit notes (reversals of sales).
  • Payments. Only payments received from the customer.
  • All. All transactions (sales, payments and credits).

Entering text in the search box causes the list to be filtered further. You can search by description, amount, account or account category. When searching by amount, you can type an exact amount such as 12.34 or a range such as 10.00-12.50.

Why are transactions greyed out?

A greyed-out transaction indicates the transaction appears on a statement. You are not able to change information such as the transaction type or amount. If you need to correct an amount you previously entered, you can edit the transaction from the Statement screen.

Tapping the transaction gives the reason why it is greyed out at the bottom of the transaction form.

Further Information

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