Using the Businesses Screen

This screen is displayed by tapping the business shown in the Business section of the EasyInvoice menu. From this screen, you can:

  • List all businesses that you have added.
  • Delete a business.
  • Add a new business.

The business marked by a tick is the currently-selected business. This is the same business that is shown at the top of the EasyInvoice menu.

EasyInvoice keeps the accounts and settings for a business (such as its address and logo) separate from all other businesses. This means that if you want to change a business setting or add a transaction to an account, you need to select the relevant business in this screen first. Tapping a business makes it the currently-selected business and displays the Invoices screen for that business.

How do I delete or change the settings of an existing business?

Note: Deleting a business deletes all of the data associated with the business. If you think you may need the data in the future, back up the business first using the Backup screen.

To delete a business or change its settings:

  1. Tap the business in this screen.

  2. Display the Business Settings screen.

  3. Change the settings, or choose the Delete button near the bottom of the screen to delete it.

How do I add a new business?

Tap Add a new business and follow the instructions on Adding a business.