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Ready for launch

I'm really pleased to announce Easy Invoice is coming to the iOS App Store very soon.

It's taken quite a long time to arrive, but I hope it's all been worth it.

The app is based heavily on Easy Books but without all the accounting details. With a more focused approach to invoicing, you can just enter your invoice details and send out the PDF straight from your iPhone or iPad. Here's the sales pitch:

What does it do?

Easy Invoice can produce all your estimates, sales invoices and receipts in PDF format and send them direct to your clients.

Entering sales information into the app is quick and easy (as you might expect). You can define products you sell and their standard selling prices, even using quantity pricing if you want to.

To get up and running quickly we've added your first customer and first invoice for you. You can use this to send yourself the first invoice to see how it looks. Then simply edit the customer details to match your own customer, and add as many more customers as you like.

Do you run more than one business? No problem! Just create as many businesses as you like, there's no extra cost. You can set each one up with its own logo, address, payment terms and email details.

Easy Invoices can produce more than just invoices too:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Statements (statement of account)
  • Track payments received (including partial payments)

Please note that all sales invoices include a DRAFT watermark which you can remove with a one-time purchase. Once purchased, the DRAFT watermark is removed for every invoice you send.

Your Privacy

Lock Easy Invoice using a four-digit pass-code. This is useful if you want to lend your phone or iPad to someone, but you don't want them to use Easy Invoice.

All PDFs are produced locally on the device. Your privacy is important to us and none of your financial data leaves your device until you send it somewhere yourself. We found some other apps actually sending data to their servers to produce the PDF and we've worked hard to avoid this ourselves.


Keeping track of your best selling products and who owes you money is easy using the reports built into Easy Invoice.

  • Best Sellers. Just tap on the report to find out where most of your income came from.
  • Customers' Aged Debt. This shows a complete list of the amounts owed to you, broken down by the age of each debt.

All reports can be exported from the app in either HTML, CSV or ZIP format. Reports can then be imported into other applications such as Excel or Numbers.

Backup and Restore

Backing up is easy, simply tap the backup option and send the data file to yourself in an email or transfer it to another app such as Dropbox. To restore it, just tap the attachment to open in Easy Invoice.