Set up Stock or Products Details

From the Dashboard (Home page) tap on ‘Set up’ (bottom right), then ‘Stock (top left).

The Stock set up screen will then be displayed.

NB EasyInvoice uses the words ‘Stock’ and ‘Products’ interchangeably to mean any standard items that this business sells to clients.

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    Set up product 1

    Custom products

    Custom products, i.e. anything you sell that is not previously set up on EasyInvoice, may also be included when creating an Invoice. Use this facility for incidental items such as shipping, or travelling expenses to be charged to customers.

    Then click on ‘+Add new stock, or the ‘+’ at the top right.


    Name is the name of the product or stock item as it will appear on the Invoice.

    The Description field

    The Description field is optional information for the item. It does not appear on the Invoice. 

    Opening cost

    Opening cost is a convenient field for storing the cost price of the item per unit.

    Opening Quantity

    Opening Quantity is how many units you have in your inventory to start. NB. EasyInvoice does not track inventory.

    The business selling price

    The business selling price is set by tapping ‘Add Quantity +’. Here you can set up unit and quantity discounted pricing for this item.
    NB, you can override these prices when you create an invoice.

    Don’t forget to ‘Save’ your New Product otherwise your entry will be discarded.

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    Set up product 2

    NB. When creating an Invoice, you do not have to have the product preloaded into EasyInvoice. You will be prompted to enter the details onto the invoice as well as prices etc. as a Custom product. However, this will not create a new product on EasyInvoice files for future use. 


    When creating an invoice, use the Custom product feature to add miscellaneous items such as shipping charges etc.