Set up new Customer

If you have more than one business, make sure you are in the right one by tapping on its name at the top of the Dashboard (Home Page). Now click on ‘Set up’ (bottom right).

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    Set up new 1

    This Set up screen will be displayed.

    To add a customer tap on the ‘+’ sign at the upper right. Use the Search facility if you need to find a customer when you have a large number stored on EasyInvoice.

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    Set up new 2

    This will display the New Customer screen:

    If you already have this customers details stored in your Android Contacts file, click on the Head icon (upper right) and select the customer. You will have to ‘Allow’ EasyInvoice to access your contacts file. EasyInvoice will insert the details from your contact file into the correct places in this form.


    You may prefer to enter these details into the contact file on your device and use this facility to store them in EasyInvoice. That way communications created outside the system (letters, emails, instant messages etc.) will all use the same customer details.

    NB the Shipping Address will default to the same as the Delivery Address.

    If this is not the case, overtype with the correct information. Customer Reference is the person most associated with sales to this customer.

    Payment Terms

    Payment Terms field allows you to override the standard terms for your business for this customer alone. NB you will also be able to replace even these terms for any specific invoice. Notes. These are any reminders for this customer for your own use. They do not appear elsewhere.

    Active slider.

    Active slider. Set this if you don’t want this customer to be referenced in Reports. It is used whenever a client goes dormant, and you need to reduce the size of some reports.

    Remember to ‘Save’ the customer details, otherwise they will be discarded.


    If you need to create an invoice quickly and you don’t have the customer on file, start to prepare the invoice, and EasyInvoice will prompt you for the details necessary. These will be used in the Invoice and stored in EasyInvoice for next time. You can also start with a product if that is more convenient.

    To edit the details of an existing customer, see ‘Edit Customer Details’