Receive payments 

Payments received from a customer should be entered into EasyInvoice to discharge the relevant invoice and cancel the outstanding debt.

From the Dashboard (Home), tap ‘Sales+’ to display the Invoices tab. Scroll down through the outstanding invoices (or search by Customer) to locate the invoice for which you have received payment.

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    Swipe right on the invoice.

    Scroll down to ‘Payments received

    Scroll down to ‘Payments received’ to reveal the details of the invoice. Then click on ‘Receive Payment +’

    Enter the Description of the payment, for example, ‘Received cheque 1234 from Sunningdale GC’

    Line details

    Line details are used for Partial payment, i.e. when the client only pays for part of the outstanding invoice.

    Tap on ‘Save’ to return to the ‘Edit Sale’ screen.

    If the customer has paid the invoice in full slide the ‘Fully Paid’ to indicate this fact.
    Scroll down to ‘Update’ and click it, this will take you back to the Invoices screen.

    If the Invoice was only partially paid

    Just enter how much into the ‘Amount’ Field.
    Don’t forget to scroll down to ‘Update’ so that EasyInvoice can keep track of the payments and the amount still outstanding for you.