Get Started with your business(es)

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    Get Started.

    Open EasyInvoice to reveal the Dashboard (Home Page) and click on the Gear icon (top right of the screen) to display the ‘Settings’ screen.

    Settings provides the information on your Trial Subscription, the ability to change your security pin, review the Privacy Policy, gives the ability to report any bugs and offers the opportunity to upgrade.

    Tapping on Business will present a screen to display all your businesses. It will be blank first time through. You can use EasyInvoice for up to three of your enterprises.

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    Entering a new Business into EasyInvoice

    Input the name for this business. This is the name which will appear on invoices and other customer-facing documents. This should include LTD, Inc. or other official business types.

    Business email Address Insert the default email address normally used for sending documents from the business. Please note this can be overridden whenever you create actual documents.

    Country defaults to the United Kingdom, but for elsewhere, use the country list to select. This will change the currency symbol throughout the system.

    Business Type, Industry, and number of employees are optional and are for future use.

    Currency defaults to the British Pound, but for elsewhere, use the currency list to select.

    Business Address. Enter the Business address just as it should appear on invoices and other customer-facing documents.

    Delivery Address will default to the Business Address for the business. Simply overtype this default if this is different for your business.

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    Tapping on ‘Terms’

    Tapping on ‘Terms’ will display the standard Terms to be used on Invoices you create in EasyInvoice. Edit them to conform with your business. NB you can override this the either by customer, or for an individual invoice.


    Logo. If you have a logo for your business, tap on the ‘Logo’ item which allows you to navigate and select a logo stored as a .jpg on your Android device. Click on this logo to let EasyInvoice use it for invoices and other documents. The logo will be resized to fit while retaining the aspect ratio of the original .jpg.


    VAT (known in countries other than the UK as GST, HST or Sales Tax) 
    EasyBooks uses the UK as a default. However, if your business is not in the UK, set the Slider ‘VAT Registered’ to the right (i.e. YES). 

    The screen presented will allow you to change the titles to suit your circumstances, in this case from VAT to HST and GST, and insert the correct percentage to be applied to sales.

    This will set up EasyInvoice to charge the correct Sales Tax, or VAT or HST on Invoices. The system will also keep track of the details and totals for any reports you request for this business. 

    Don’t forget to scroll down and click on ‘Save’ to finish setting up your business. If you don’t save it, your entries will be discarded.

    All of the above data are separate and unique

    All of the above data are separate and unique for each enterprise you register on EasyInvoice. You can have up to 3 businesses on the system. 
    Once you have input the details of your own business, use the back button to go back to the Home Page.  Now click on ‘Set up’ to input details of your customers (Enter Customer Details) and then Stock Items and Products (Enter or Delete Stock Product Details). Although not mandatory, performing the setup in this recommended order will make setting up EasyInvoice quicker and more straightforward.