Create and Preview an Invoice

From the Dashboard (Home Page), click on ‘Sales’ (bottom left).

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    Create preview


    This screen displays all invoices that you have created and saved in EasyInvoice in date order, most recent first.


    + Create a New Sale

    To record a sale, click on the ‘+’ at the top right of this screen to create a new Invoice.


    NB the Search facility can be used to locate previous invoices for a specific customer. 

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    Create preview

    New Sale


    Today’s date is for the date to be displayed as the default. To change this invoice date, tap on it and a calendar will be displayed. Pick the date you need on the invoice, past or future.


    Tap on ‘Customer’ and either select from the list presented (or use the Search facility).

     If this is a new customer, click on the ‘+’ icon (top right) to take you to the ‘Enter Customer Details’ screen. You can gather these details from your contacts file (if present) or enter them manually.  

    After you have saved this new customer, you will be returned to the New Sale screen with those customer details now completed.

    Invoice Number

    Invoice Number. EasyInvoice has a standard labeling system – in this instance, ‘INV00006’, which increments each time. However, if your business has an existing way of labelling invoices, you can still use it. If there is a numbering sequence, e.g. ‘Invoice_28’ EasyInvoice will detect the numbering sequence and adopt it by incrementing the number each time, e.g. the next would be ‘Invoice_29’.

    P.O. Reference

    Enter the customers Purchase Order Reference if the client requires it.

    ‘Payment Terms’ and’ Terms’

    These will default to those you set up when you created this business or adjusted as you added this customer to EasyInvoice. You can override them again for this invoice if required. 

    Detailed Info

    This is where you can enter the line items you sold to the client. Tap on ‘Add LINE +’

    Product Name

    Tap on ‘Product Name’ if you are invoicing an existing product, details will populate the necessary fields of the invoice.


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    New Item

    For a new (or in other words a product or service not registered on EasyInvoice, enter the product description, quantity, price and VAT Rate (from the table presented)

    Enter as many line items as necessary Don’t forget to ‘Save’ after each line item.

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    Create preview

    Payment Received

    In some cases, the customer will pay the invoice as soon as it is prepared (such as when serving a customer in a shop). In this case receive the payment and tap on the ‘Payment Received’ icon. 


    If you need to submit one or more attachment with the invoice, tap on ‘Attachments’ and use the Android navigation facilities to locate the file. When you have done so, click on it.


    You can check what your newly-created Invoice will look like by tapping ‘Preview’. 
    NB. ‘Preview’ does not save or send the Invoice to a customer.


    Hit ‘Save’ to store the invoice within the EasyInvoice system. 


    Please note that once an Invoice is ‘in the system’, it is not allowable to delete it. This is for auditing and systems integrity reasons. If you discover that an invoice has been issued incorrectly, then you should tap on ‘Issue a Credit Note’ and create a note for the same amount and customer, to reverse the incorrect invoice.


    NB. The invoice is now saved within EasyInvoice, but it has not yet been sent to your customer for payment.


    See ‘Sending an Invoice or documents to customers’ to find out how to print or transmit this invoice to your customer.