I can get an invoicing app for free, why should I take out a subscription with EasyInvoice?

It is easy to think that things are ‘free’ on the Internet, but this is rarely the case! The Google search engine and Social Media facilities like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. seem ‘free’. Actually, they pay for themselves and make huge profits by mining your personal information, using it themselves and selling it to others. You will find Invoicing Apps on the Google and Apple Stores, all claiming to be ‘Free’. From our experience it is very costly to develop, test, promote and support an App like ours. Nobody does this for free! There will be a cost somewhere, even if you don’t notice it at first. We promise not to sell your data to anyone. Judge us by the quality of our product and service. Know that your subscription will keep us available to you and keep us able to support your business, now and in the future.

How can I communicate with you, report a bug, or send compliments or complaints?

Our support Service is always triggered by the ‘Report Bug’ button. Get to this from the Dashboard (i.e. Home screen) by tapping on the “Gear’ Icon in the upper right corner. Scroll down to ‘Report bug’ and click on it. Enter your message and hit ‘send’. When received you message includes the email address you registered with us, details of your subscription, and other technical details such as the version of our software you use. We will respond using your registered email address. Further communications will be via email or telephone as required.

My business is growing. You only provide an Invoicing App. How will you give me what I will need in the future?

Our own background is in owning and operating small businesses, so we understand what is needed. You need applications that are powerful, accurate, yet easy to use – exemplified by this EasyInvoice app. We have analysed competition, just as we expect you have. Some are powerful and able to provide functions big businesses need. However, with these extra functions and facilities comes complexity. Our development teams are hard at work building additions to the Invoicing app you see today, and extending the same foundation into a full bookkeeping app. All are designed to be platform neutral. You will be able to use whatever device suits your purpose, Android phones and tablets as today. Soon a web browser, then iOS devices from Apple will be included. Utilise as many devices of whatever type you need, no extra charge!

Why can’t I pay a single up-front fee for EasyInvoice?

We tried that with our iOS and MAC service, and almost went broke! The problem is that in order to stay afloat, a business needs a reliable, steady income stream. One-time sales must pay for support and development for existing customers as well as the new ones. So, if these one-time payments dry up for whatever reason – holiday season, software releases from Apple, Microsoft, Google, wars or whatever, the cash dries up! It is really very similar to a Ponzi Scheme, and is unsustainable for most businesses.