Features and Futures

EasyInvoice for Android smartphones and tablets is the first product of a whole range of compatible offerings from Marla International.


  • Easy to use, intuitive, powerful 
  • Supports up to 3 businesses
  • Designed for small businesses and sole proprietors
  • Dashboard/Home page provides up-to-date business information
  • Personalise customer documents with logo, headers, footers etc.
  • Set up standard products to sell from inventory, including volume discounts 
  • Custom products generated as needed 
  • Passcode lock 
  • Automates invoicing functions based on the UK market
  • Create Invoices and deliver from wherever you are
  • Vat calculated conforming to UK regulations
  • Vat or sales tax percentages can be changed for other countries
  • Constant visibility of who owes you money
  • As many Android devices as you need, all synchronised

EasyInvoice is available on a monthly subscription rather than an up-front fee. However, you can use EasyInvoice for 14 days with our Free Trial to try out the app.

The app creates professional invoices wherever you have a phone or WIFI connection.  So, if you sell something to a client you can invoice him right away, even from in his office! If you have more than one Android phone, EasyInvoice keeps them in sync with each other. 
EasyInvoice backs up your data automatically. If you lose your Android phone, just obtain a new one, download EasyInvoice, sign in again and you are back in business!  Your data will be just as you left it. 


  • Estimates and customer statements (coming soon)
  • Compatible Web browser version – Autumn 2019
  • Ability for customised VAT/Sales Tax regimes for other markets and countries
  • Support for iOS and Mac