About Us

Who are we?

EasyInvoice is developed and maintained by Marla International Ltd (previously Geode Software, established in 2003). At Marla, we take great pride in designing and building the best quality products we can. We love things that are intuitive, that is, easy to use without a manual.

EasyInvoice is built on the same solid foundation as EasyBooks, our full-featured double-entry bookkeeping and accounting application. EasyInvoice is currently available for Android and separately on iOS and Mac. EasyBooks is currently available for iOS and Mac, but soon to include Android and web browser versions for Windows users. In about March 2020, EasyBooks and EasyInvoice will be available on iOS, Android and web browser versions – and we can’t wait!

What makes EasyInvoice different is its focus on the simplicity of preparing a sales invoice and sending it without any of the confusion of dealing with a full accounts package.

We hope you enjoy our software as much as we do. Click the button below to start a free trial!

  • Any Android phone or tablet, running Lollipop or later 
  • Automatic backup and synchronization between multiple devices 
  • Technical Support via our email support system 
  • Up to 3 businesses 
  • Unlimited Invoices